Advice for Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Be punctual and dependable

– start and finish work at the agreed times and return promptly from breaks, lunch, etc.

Be honest and loyal

– you will gain everyone’s respect.

Take pride in your work

– you are a very important member of the team. Work with a smile on your face and a willingness to help.

Show interest, listen and be keen to learn

– the more that you learn about your vocation the more opportunities you will create for yourself and succeed within your career.

Your safety is your responsibility

– you may be working in an environment that has the potential to be hazardous. Your safety and the safety of others is extremely important.

Show initiative

– there is a variety of tasks that need to be done at your workplace. Make a habit of finding work that needs doing. If you are unsure, ask. Tackle things that need doing, take on the less pleasant jobs as well as the ones you like, and be a team player.

Be responsible

– you are totally responsible for your own actions and behaviors. Recognising this and choosing to always act and behave in a responsible manner will help you to gain respect from the people you work with.

Have a positive attitude

– you can continuously improve your skills, knowledge and behavior by being positive in all situations. Accept feedback from others as a positive learning experience and learn from your mistakes. Look on the bright side, and enjoy your job.

Maintain a clean, fresh and tidy appearance

– dress in accordance with the dress standards expected at the workplace.

Ask for help and advice when you need it

– in other words always show a positive attitude, dedication, initiative, respect and responsibility.