Our Vision, Mission and Values

Quality employment and training services.

Our Vision

“To be recognised as the leading organisation in Australia that delivers quality employment and training services and creates careers and opportunities for the community”

Our Mission

To create career opportunities through facilitating education and training programs and providing employment services to general Industry.

Our Values

In its relationship with its stakeholders Direction Employment and Training will

  • Be responsive to their needs
  • Consult and endeavour to reach common understandings
  • Be open and transparent
  • Listen and communicate openly
  • Accept full responsibility for its decisions and actions

Statement of purpose

As a local community based not-for-profit organisation Direction Employment and Training is committed to

  1. Delivering direct support to people living in Australia who may be experiencing disadvantage or exclusion from our social and employment networks. We focus on helping our community improve their quality of life through being able to find employment to support an improved lifestyle.
  2. Delivering a high level of education and training to Jobseekers, upskilling them to find the right employment opportunities in their future career.
  3. Assist employers to find the right highly skilled employees to meet their staffing and employment needs as well as upskilling their existing workforce to achieve the highest level of productivity in the workplace.