Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools

Vocational Education and Training (VET) offers students an alternative career and qualification pathway

Vocational Education and Training (VET) refers to education and training that focuses on delivering skills and knowledge required for specific industries. It is a learning option for young people in the senior phase of their Schooling.

Direction Employment and Training (DET) works together with schools, parents and students to provide advice and information about career path planning and possible vocational training alternatives for senior school students.

For Students and Parents

For students contemplating entering the workforce, we can detail the available alternatives, including school based Apprenticeship and Traineeship options. Our free service provides career guidance, job seeking resources and skills along with plenty of ongoing support.

Students participating in a VET program benefit by:

  • Obtaining practical experience from workplace training
  • Gaining familiarity on how workplaces operate
  • Developing workplace skills
  • Developing and improving interpersonal skills
  • Allowing them to explore the potential career path they would like to pursue
  • Potentially enter into employment prior to leaving school
  • Support for the transition to employment, vocational and higher education pathways

Students may also gain credit points towards the attainment of a Senior School Certificate and the attainment of a nationally recognised VET qualification.

Students or parents seeking information and advice about VET can contact DET for assistance.

For School Career Guidance Officers and Teachers

For schools and teachers, we are a rich source of information, advice and referrals. We are committed to our duty of care to students, and work hard to ensure they are placed in a safe and healthy work environment with regular monitoring visits. We also encourage two way communication between school coordinators and field officers.

School Teachers and Guidance Officers are invited to contact DET to access our schools support resources.

DET School Services Program provides

  • Information about the various vocational options available to school leavers, including Australian School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Support, guidance, referral and monitoring to help students define their career goals and set about achieving them
  • Job seeking skills, including help preparing resumes and application letters and helpful interview techniques
  • Mock job interview support
  • Advice about employer expectations
  • Support to help students get the most out of school
  • A ‘one stop shop’ to find information and resources quickly and confidentially
  • Help for school leavers to find work, including referrals and ongoing support
  • Personalised and friendly service
  • Ongoing support for jobseekers
  • Referral to appropriate agencies and services, including Centrelink, careers counselling, approved training activities and other support networks

DET provides the link between VET opportunities and School communities